I don't think you would find my life particularly interesting, let alone unique. In fact, I'm probably much like yourself. I didn't create this blog in five minutes or even hours. Took me forever just to get the fonts right as nothing ever works like it's supposed to. So, blogs are not necessarily created by those with special abilities. Or special ideas. Just those who are really stubborn.

I spent decades trying to discover what I really wanted to be, what I was most passionate about. Of course, growing up, we're mostly passionate about disagreeing with others. But I was lucky enough to realize very early on that I wanted to do something creative, something that can't be done by a machine. Not yet, anyway. I even remember saying, when I was about fifteen, that "I will never be able to sit in an office and work the same hours every day". Yes, that was my first job, how did you know? And second and third, yes. See, told you we're not that different, you and I.

But then, there was an opportunity, at a rather strange and unexpected moment of the past. Actually, not an opportunity as much as a decision to change something. With a bunch of creative ideas sitting in my head, some even leaving it, I decided not to wait, tucked in false security, till I was old enough to say "Well, it's too late now". It's so much better trying when you're still young. You know, not good enough, but feeling like you're the one this world has been waiting for. Then, when you do get old, instead of regretting all the things you haven't done, you can nicely laugh at those you actually have.

And that's how, why and where this story begins. After creating my first video game, that the world proved not to has been waiting for, then doing a bit better with my YouTube movies, I have decided to finally grab hold of the writing ideas still in my head. Some of those will become short stories and be published here. Like the "Learning curve", my very first one. But I do wish to develop most ideas into full novels. And hopefully, they will be published somewhere else.


So, this will not be a blog with regular posts. I will mostly be posting once I have a new story. Or an excerpt from a book, if possible. Perhaps sharing an idea or a poem once in a while. But I can assure you that I will read every comment you may leave. And it will be published, whether positive or negative. But if you don't like my work, I would really appreciate at least a brief explanation about what you dislike the most. And if you have any questions, I will always do my best to answer.

Srđan Canić


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